Elections are an oligarchical mechanism. They can't be fixed.

Various reforms of what we call  "democracy" have been tried for decades, even centuries. Dozens of countries have been run using various variants of the same system - the elections based regime. Throughout this time, and throughout those countries, government has always been in the hands of the elite.

A system run by an elite is not a democracy but an oligarchy. Now an oligarchy doesn't necessarily have to be viciously oppressive, but it is an oligarchy nonetheless - a regime where elites maintain power and determine policy. Occasionally those elites have pursued policies that serve the many, but on the whole whoever holds power serves their own interests not those of others that are outside of power, and indeed in general the electoral elites have been pursuing policies that promote their own interests at the expense of the average citizen.

The remedy must be doing away with elections altogether. The democratic alternative to elections is sortition: government by a statistically representative sample. If Congress, or parliament, is selected as a statistical sample of the population, government is no longer done by an elite, but by the people themselves. Once that happens - and only once that happens - we can expect government to pursue policies in the interests of the entire population rather than in the interests of a narrow powerful elite.

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