Force Government Bureaucracies, Including CSIS and CSEC to be Accountable to Canadian Taxpayers

Earlier this year, I reviewed the Canadian Security and Intelligence Services web page which is supposed to inform the Canadian General Public about Terrorism and related security issues in Canada.  I found that the article had numerous and very significant omissions about some influential, Middle East dictatorships and the huge amount of support that these dictatorships provide to Islamic Extremist terrorists operating in many parts of the world. 

I prepared a sixteen page letter which outlined the major omissions that I had observed, backed up with an 80 page supporting document which I wrote using highly credible references, and sent the letter to the Director of CSIS, cc. Prime Minister Steven Harper, Mr. Thomas Mulcair and Mr. Justin Trudeau.  The 16 page letter included numerous questions related to each major omission, including requests for answers as to why the correct information was not being provided to the Canadian general public on the CSIS public web page. 

Three months later, I received a one page letter from CSIS with non-answers (e.g. we cannot discuss this for confidentiality reasons).  To date, I have never received any response from any of the three major political parties in Canada. 

This is just one example of how a very important and expensive bureaucracy which is supposed to be safeguarding security for all Canadian citizens and taxpayers yet is misleading the Canadian public by complying with political partisan dictates.  Until organizations such as CSIS and CSEC are forced to operate independent of political partisanship and are thoroughly and regularly 'audited' by politically independent and competent oversight committees, our tax dollars will continue to be used for highly unethical and dishonest purposes. 

It seems that the only way Canadians will be able to enforce appropriate levels of oversight will be to implement a common, American Business System (American B.S.) approach and implement class action lawsuits against the individuals (e.g. Directors) who are responsible for operating these organizations.

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