Encourage News Media to Report Honestly

I regularly read, listen to and watch news media publications, including CBC, BBC, Globe and Mail, National Post, The Guardian and the Washington Post.  I have observed that Canadian News Media publications, including the Canadian taxpayer subsidized CBC (approximately 62% of their operating budget), often does not provide their customers with fully honest information.  In some instances, their is deliberate misleading information which complies with political party, partisan rhetoric.  In general, I find that BBC is one of the best news media outlets as it tends to provide in-depth, honest background information about major events which influence and affect millions of people's lives in many parts of the world. 

If Canadian News Media would provide their audiences with more honest and ethical news coverage about important issues and events which affect Canadian citizens lives and the country's future, I strongly believe that this would assist us in regaining democratic principles and actions amongst politicians in all political parties.  Honest and ethical news coverage of important events and issues will help to hold politicians and bureaucrats to account.

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