How to fix the cartels and their governments.

The price of gasoline at the pump should be 1% of the price of a barrel of oil. As it is now, the price has no relations to the market price of a barrel of oil.

Governments pretend they can't prove a cartel is fixing prices because they want the too-high taxes. Which in Canada don't even go to transportation infrastructure but are essentially a slush fund for the government: All tax monies from hydro-carbons should go to the maintenance of infrastructure, with say 10% of that dedicated to setting up the infrastructure for electric vehicles, like charging stations within 100 km of each other on every major highway in the country. Thus the hydro-carbon economy would pay for the green economy of electric power. And the economy would boom with new technology companies and employment.

If the market price of oil is $100/barrel then gasoline at the pump would be $1/Litre ($4/gallon). Thus $60/bbl = $0.60/L; $120/bbl = $1.20/L, etc.  

The price would be set weekly or monthly at a set day and time and remain fixed at that for the week or month. Then everybody would know what the price should be. Fair to customers, good for business; everybody can plan a budget more precisely. And we are not susceptible to the whim of speculators or the greed of corporations.

If any government wanted to introduce an additional carbon tax they would have to do by direct democracy; a plebiscite voted upon by the people.

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