Canada's Santa Clause

One thing I'm looking at in the book, is how our cultural attachment to tradition can interfere with our ability to innovate and progress forward.  You can't hold onto the past, if you want to march courageously into the future.

One of the most amusing examples of our obsessive clinging to institutional ritual, is Canada's Supreme Court robes.

This is what they actually wear, in 2016:


Aside from being ridiculously archaic, they also seem to look a heck of a lot like another very popular costume:


And, just for fun, here's what they look like together:


What other rituals and traditions are contributing to a culture that is adverse to institutional change?  Stay tuned for more...


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  • commented 2016-08-15 15:58:22 -0400
    The list of archaic parliamentary traditions is beyond count. My pet peeve is recorded voting procedure where each Member rises individually, bows to the Speaker, his or her name is called by the Table Officers, and the vote is recorded. One by one! Really, could they not just press a button or send an email?

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