The Power of Znone

One the most enjoyable parts of this book-writing journey has been conducting my research interviews.  From Vancouver to St Johns, San Francisco to Boston and even a few in France, I've had the chance to speak with an incredible array of activists, journalists, students and recovering politicians. 

Znone_croppedJPG.JPGI think my favorite interview so far, was with a fellow formerly known as Sheldon Bergson.  He felt strongly that Canadians should have a None of the Above option on their ballot so, naturally, he formally changed his name to Above, Znoneofthe ...and ran for office

His name appears at the bottom of the ballot as: ZNONE, OFTHEABOVE.

Now that's commitment.  While no one else I spoke with has gone to such extraordinary lengths to make their point, each of the 113 people I've interviewed have - in their own way - proven that positive change is achievable through our own individual actions and ideas.  Or, as Sheldon calls it, "The Power of Znone".

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