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I believe the only way to live in hope is by knowing my friends, neighbours, community.  It is important to reach out, be a friend, make a friend, define friendship.  On Sunday evenings, The Cabbagetown Community Music Centre offers a jam session to those that love to play and instrument and sing.  It is greater than its own circle, it is the force that builds community, connects.  The Soka Gakkai International (meaning Society for the Creation of Value) offers conversation and encouragement to those seeking a better world, a betterment of themselves through the philosophy of the 13th century sage Nichiren.  The Secret Handshake Gallery offers a place for artists diagnosed with schizophrenia to come and create.  How can people consider change, like a better voting system, democratised schools, reclaiming public spaces etc, if they can't articulate their own concerns and vision.  I am excited by those who reach out and teach on a grass roots level like the Stop Community food Centre that not only offers meals to hungry people, but a place to grow food in 2 public parks.  I believe when people sing together, write and then offer their poetry, prose, ideas, pictographs, cartoons and other forms of expression, we have started to take the first step on the road to a greater world.  Let's humanize each other and then decide for the group, what is it that the group needs?  If we, as a society, don't start with one another, the rest of it becomes an exercise in intellectualism.  I like action, I like people, I like society and I love this world and our Mother Earth.  We are all stewards!!!


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