Corporate accountability to democratic principles

I think corporate self-interest and irresponsibility is a major undermining factor to Cdn democracy. I would like to see power back in the hands of the people who elect governments and not in the hands of corporations that manipulate governments. To that end I would like to see legislation revamped and/or created that removes the ability of corporations to supersede the will of the people/ and their elected reps to make decisions in our country's best interest ie. Trade pacts, environmental legislation etc. and not necessarily in the interests of any specific corporation. Perhaps we need to change the laws that allow corporations to act as though they were persons under the law.

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  • commented 2015-07-12 17:18:05 -0400
    Absolutely. Corporations are NOT persons. And back room dealings and laws written by corporate lawyers for our governments to simply sign are not in our best interest. Laws that allow corporations unnatural powers over individuals and provide legal protections in case they do something bad or when they lose profits is not right. Policy should be made according to what is good for all of us in the long-term.
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    Remedies • Canada: Corporate accountability to democratic principles
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    Remedies • Canada: Corporate accountability to democratic principles
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