Require politicians to publish disallowed expense claims

There is a move afoot to allow Senators to resolve disputed expense claims by paying back the money without admitting the claim was improper in the first place.  This is a terrible idea.  If I rob a bank, but offer to pay back the money when caught, do I get to go home and try again another day when the cops are hopefully busy?

When a politician makes an improper or disallowed expense claim, whether deliberately or in error, it should be published.  The politician can withdraw the claim before it is ruled upon, or pay it back if disallowed, but it should remain on the permanent public record in an easily searchable database.  

Made a mistake?  Didn't mean to claim that $15 glass of juice?  Meant to pay for it yourself? Misunderstood the rules?  We understand.  Post it with an explanatory note: "Claimed in error - withdrawn"; or "Claimed in error - refunded amount."; but it stays on your permanent record.  Why post it when you've already paid it back?  So you will think twice before walking into the next bank...  

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