Participatory Democracy

In the information age, we are able to access information like never before. We are able to share ideas, opinions, and beliefs. We can also email our elected representatives about current and drafted legislation, expressing not just concerns and a feeling of frustration but also express content and satisfaction. As we start to engage more and more on the internet, we can explore Direct Democracy. Imagine what would have happen if MPs were bound and held accountable on voting for legislation the way the their constituents want them to vote.


The idea is simple. Have a website that allows you to vote on drafted legislation. Present the draft bill and possibly any media coverage of the bill on the same page, so constituents can make an informed decision. If a quota is met, the MP is bound to vote the way the constituents want them to vote. If not, let the MP go along with their party. There is one political party that is committed to this method, PACT (Party for Accountability, Competency, and Transparency, formerly the Online Party of Canada


By making the vote online to be binding at a specified quota, you are ensuring Canadians participate outside of election time and engaging them during the whole legislative process. It is very similar to public consultations that municipalities host, but on a provincial and/or federal level.

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