Progressive Voters Bloc Canada

A progressive nonpartisan voting bloc large enough to dictate who wins in any election.  This block is specifically for the people for whom  democracy is not working  and the economy is not helping: the 99%.  The margin in most elections is fairly small so the group in each riding would not have to be very large.20 to 25% of the eligible voters in any riding would be able to decide who wins.  All they have to do is flip a coin between the two front runners.   It wouldn't matter very much what party the member belongs to because it would be the people will have the power, not the political party.  That is what I call democracy.  Lincoln said it best.  Government of the people, by the people,  for the people.  If a government is for the people it governs in the interest of the people. I believe this is a very powerful idea and I am trying to spread it far and wide  so that it will take root  and grow strong enough to create a democracy in Canada.  Canada, at this time, is not a democracy.  Canada is a de facto dictatorship.  The people can change that.  Power to the people!

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