Grow empathy

Road rage, corruption, violence, greed, income disparity..... These are all symptoms of a lack of empathy. 

We need to find ways to develop empathy in every person.

One effort is the "Roots of Empathy" program, where a baby is brought into a classroom every month for a year. The children naturally learn to understand the baby's feelings and appreciate its development. We need to find ways to grow empathy at every age. 

We need daycares in every school, with the children visiting and helping (under close supervision, of course) - learning non-violent childcare.

And we need good meal programs in every school so that no child is forced to go to school hungry. We need adequate affordable housing for everyone, and a guaranteed annual income. When basic needs are met, people feeel cared for and can look beyond themselves to care about others. 

We need an end to segregation - an end to schools based on religion or wealth. All children need to be in our public schools, so we all learn to celebrate our diversity, instead of learning to stereotype others.

Only when I can sense your feelings and see myself in your shoes, can I care enough to curb my greed, nastiness, rage, violence... and take your needs into account.

When politicians and corporate bosses  lack empathy, they behave as ours do now.


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  • commented 2015-07-07 17:46:29 -0400
    The author of this comment “took the words right out of my mouth.”
    Further to this author’s good suggestions: we are all worth our “weight in gold” in every community of Canada. Furthermore, please stop the violence! Please stop sending so many people to prison for “small crimes.” Develop programs in each community which everyone or most citizens can engage with and feel they are accomplishing tasks that are worthwhile. The “Guaranteed Income Program” is not something “new” to Canadians: similar programs or experiments were introduced to Canadian communities back-in-the-day (circa 1971). Communication is key naturally. Thanks for reading my “reaction.” I am looking forward to learning about the great ideas Canadians present. Let’s return our country to the status we admired not to long ago: do you remember when people were not cynical? Peace, Love & Best to All!
  • tagged this with favourite 2015-07-07 17:46:28 -0400
  • published this page in Remedies • Canada 2015-07-06 22:37:04 -0400

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