Replace the Senate with a People's Assembly

What if we replaced unelected the red chamber with a People's Assembly?

Step 1: Abolish the senate in its current form; feel no regret

Step 2: Divert one year's Senate funding toward the construction of a People's Assembly residence within walking distance of Parliament Hill (furnish it with individual suites, bikes, a cafeteria, and a pool)

Step 3: Establish a formula for randomly selecting Canadians to serve as Assembly members on one month terms (build diversity into the formula); start recruiting for a series of scheduled sessions

Step 4: Permanently divert Senate funding to the maintenance of the People's Assembly; provide ongoing funding to bring groups of 60-100 Assembly people to Ottawa to serve one month terms reviewing legislation proposed by the House of Commons

Step 5: Make it possible for the  People's Assembly to conduct their work in the former Senate Chamber; assign professional researchers (from the Library of Parliament) to brief Assembly people; allow Assembly people to call expert witnesses as they see fit; give the Assembly authority to send any legislation back to Parliament for amendment


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