Abolish the Senate in my state!

Whenever I contact my state legislators, I call my State Representative and State Senator. Later they get together behind closed doors and ask the important question: what do the lobbyists want? Once the decisions are made and the laws are passed, I don't get the result I want. But who do I blame? The lobbyists know who to 'thank', but come election time, I can't tell which party or politician was responsible for what. Even the governor in my state gets to veto or line-item-veto bills (and therefore make all kinds of backroom demands). I know how my representatives voted on a motion or even the final draft of a bill, but it is in those secretive meetings to discuss how the Senate and House will compromise on a bill where the real power brokers decide what will happen. Abolish the Senate! Then We the People will know who to thank or blame on election day. This is a non-partisan call for transparency and accountability to voters.

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