Create a Parliamentary Policy and Programming Performance Office

To help make MPs accountable, there should be legislation which creates a statutory budget with sufficient resources to set up a Parliamentary Policy and Programming Performance Office which tracks the progress (or lack thereof of) the implementation of the policy/program commitment over time. The Parliamentary Budget Office or federal/provincial Ombudsman offices could be used as models and the government should not be able to alter the funding or mandates of the office. Assessment criteria should be laid out in the legislation including such criteria as the measure of reducing negative social indicators (e.g. poverty, illness, gender inequalities, systemic barriers, etc.); increasing positive indicators  (graduation rates, good health indicators, funding level commitments, etc.).  I f the government makes a policy commitment and, over time, does not enable the commitment to be fulfilled, there should be penalties against the MPs of the ruling party or coalition parties. These penalties should be modelled along the lines of the employee performance assessments of federal employees, including the range of sanctions available for poor performance.  

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