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dave meslin • author, creative director          

zack medow • research director

marlena zuber • illustrator


American editionRick Broadhead & Associates
Canadian edition: Penguin Canada


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  • commented 2017-05-26 18:00:27 -0400
    Hi Dave
    I think the concept of individuality is fake. We invent the idea of ‘ourselves’. Neurologist Antonio Damasio’s book ‘Self Comes to Mind’ outlines the process. So, this means we can readily reinvent our self perception and maybe enlarge it to include the environment. Thus a tree could be identified as part of self. One man one vote could mean one vast ecosystem one vote. So many of our concepts are divisive because of so-called ‘individuality’ and ‘identity’. I don’t see any value in our present political concept of democracy without a loosening of the boundaries to include the environment. Good luck with the book.
    Best Wishes
    Ashley Johnson (Spring Green)
  • commented 2017-05-26 13:35:43 -0400
    Hi Dave, Glad to see you are still in the game. My suggestion is to get to the Green Party leader in BC and urge him to negotiate PR as a condition of support for either Liberals or NDP.

    Also, this web site is not very user friendly. I recommend you redesign so it is simple and straightforward.

    All the best, Janice Tair

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