Local, every day participation

Traditional ways do not allow governments to efficiently gather feedback, collect quality ideas, and most importantly - align their communities. Citizens expect better results with just a “yes” or “no” as feedback; while governments struggle to have the capacity and leadership to coordinate change, and the expertise to solve each of today’s complex problems.

Today’s challenges (and institutions) are not siloed or solely under one specific mandate; they require comprehensive, multi-faceted solutions and approaches - not only from government but from civil society, businesses and organizations.

I propose local, civic, every day participation to eliminate the feeling of alienation, improve coordination & collaboration between actors, and revive the sense of collective ownership. I work for a social enterprise, Civocracy.org, working towards this end.

The platform

Effective online civic interaction requires a combination of information, discussion and action. Civocracy provides a digital platform that connects people, governments and stakeholders and provides them with the necessary tools to communicate and collaborate effectively. The platform is a place for the community to gather, open debates, propose policies & ideas, find local events, obtain feedback for specific projects.

As the world pursues economic and environmental sustainability, the local level becomes more and more relevant - for efficiency and efficacy in decision-making, implementation, and innovation management.

Civocracy links both people and cities across borders and enables the sharing of solutions beyond of traditional structures. We create a network of engaged cities and organisations willing to commonly tackle local issues by involving their ecosystems


Frustrated by the bad interaction between local governments & citizens and swayed by the potential of social media; Benjamin Snow & Chloe Pahud set out to create a platform that would connect stakeholders and make participation a daily habit.

In 2015 they graduated from the Startupbootcamp Smart City & Living Accelerator, where they found their CTO, Nicolas, an investor, Centric, mentors and their first customer.

Two years later Civocracy is active in three countries, leading projects with 10 different governmental organizations, employing 8 people and revolutionizing the way communities interact on locally and globally relevant projects.


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