WANTED: 100 Hundred Remedies

Hi, I'm writing a book. A road map. And I'm hoping you can help.

Politics has become a spectator sport. It's something we watch, often reluctantly, rather than something we participate in. 

Big money, partisan games, broken promises, crumbling infrastructure and hollow slogans all contribute to our growing collective cynicism.

Can we fix the system? Can we find our own voice and make the system responsive, inclusive and relevant?

And can we create a culture of participation in our own personal lives as well? Can we transform apathy into action in our schools, our hospitals, our workplaces?

A few years ago, I delivered a short TED talk about apathy.

Over one million people have watched the talk and the feedback has been really positive. But the same question I get asked over and over, is this: "Dave, how do we dismantle the barriers to engagement?".

I'm hoping you can help me answer that question.

I'm looking for 100 ways to get the masses off their asses. After all, our greatest resource as a society is each other.  Our own collective wisdom, creativity and experience. Political apathy robs us of our most precious asset: you.

Let's forget about the gurus and experts. Our species will continue to fail at the most basic things, like income equality and environmental protection, until we are all empowered, involved and engaged. We need a bottom-up revolution, transforming the traditional pyramid of power and hierarchy. We all have something to contribute. Let's make it happen.

Follow the process here, sign up for updates and please contribute some ideas!

Thanks. : )