Wikipedia-style legislation

Why do we expect our legislators to be knowledgeable in the thousands of topics they make laws about every year? Why are we mad when they do not learn about the laws they are putting into action and simply sign off anything that comes across their desk?

Why not instead have everyone contribute the 3 or 4 topics they are knowledgeable about? This could be a Wikipedia style legislation which would allow everyone to input their opinions on how things could be run...kind of like the truest form of a democracy.

Even if only 1% of the population participated, we would still have 1000x more people and points of view involved in the process. This would of course mean that corruption would nearly be impossible as it would be much harder to bribe one side to get things done a certain way for their benefit. People would also be able to participate in a much lower level, say 1 hour per week, rather than needing to almost devote your life to a topic as you need to do now.

Are you skeptical that this would work? Do you think that private interests would come out? Well let's look at a little website called Wikipedia in which I challenge you to find something there that is not neutral. This is somehow the one place on the internet where 'dissing' someone's mom or comparing someone to Hitler is just not acceptable...Why not have the rules of our country set up the same way?

***YouTube video series on this topic is coming out soon***

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