Political Donation Blind Trust (Political Financing Reform)

Ontario is currently looking at reforming its Political Financing Rules after the ruling Liberals got caught in a newspaper expose.  Going with the Federal regime would be a good start, but there are other ways of improving the system.  This is just one suggestion among many things we could do.

Political Donation Blind Trust

Right now a rich individuals (or Corporation or Union, unless/until they are banned) can donate lots of money to lots of politicians at different levels. I suggest this system:

1) A cap on how much any one individual Donor can contribute to all parties and candidates in total in a year. The Donor can give all the money to the Party, or split it up between the Party and the local candidate, or between different Parties

2) Instead of donating directly to the Party or candidate, the money is issued to a Blind Trust, which issues the tax receipt.  The receipt can state the amount of the donation for tax purposes, but doesn't specify the recipient(s).

3) Without a way to prove you donated to a particular politician/Party, how can you get a quid pro quo? I could donate to the Conservatives and tell the governing Liberals that my donation was for them, how would they know?

4) No more meet and greets tied to donations

5) The Blind Trust distributes donations to the politicians/Parties without disclosing who the donors are.

6) We can pay for the cost of administering the Blind Trust from thee donations. No cost to taxpayers


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