Politica Donation Democratization (Political Financing Reform)

Ontario is currently looking at reforming its Political Financing Rules after the ruling Liberals got caught in a newspaper expose. Going with the Federal regime would be a good start, but there are other ways of improving the system.  This is just one suggestion among many things we could do.

`Money`should not be `Speech`in Canada.

What if we put all donations, of whatever amount, into one giant pool.  Each person who donates into the pool gets one vote of where the money should go. We then divide the pool among Political Parties and/or candidates according to the percentage of votes.

Donate lots, and you risk having some of your money parceled out to people you don`t like.  We set a floor for a minimum donation to get a vote (don`t want people donating other people`s money for a buck (it should be an amount you would not donate as a joke - say $20).  Eventually, people will start to aim to donate near the average`amount if they don`t want other people to benefit from their donations.

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