Proportional Representation

Canada needs to learn about PR, and extensive public education process.  Then a referendum, so the 2015 is the last one that is first past the  post.

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  • commented 2015-07-12 17:50:27 -0400
    See another poster’s link to a PDF on PR — excellent reading. We need not fear coalition governments or PR. All evidence points to a better society. Even slower and messier government activity that moves us in the right direction would be far preferable to a majority government ramming through horrible legislation with a mandate from less than 40% of Canadians.
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  • commented 2015-07-07 01:13:27 -0400
    Totally agree with this comment. There is no perfect system but most anything is better than first past the post. So many wasted votes and a government that doesn’t represent even half of those who voted.

    Lots of people fear proportional representation because it results in coalition governments. So what? It would take a bit of time, but I believe we would get politicians that could put policy ahead of party and cooperate to get good sensible solutions.

    there are many countries in the world with proportional representation, many more democracies have it than don’t, We need to learn from them and go for it!
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